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Love Triangle



A story about two best friends who are madly in love with the same person. How far will a person go for love? Could love convince you to risk loosing everthing? Could loosing the one you love drive you crazy? Would you kill for love? All of these questions will be answered in this suspence love story. This Love Traingle will have you on the edge of your seats gripping hands with the person seated next to you. So brace yourself and get ready for this emotional roller coaster ride.


Markiss McFadden

Cynthia Rodriguez

Byron Smith

Kevin L. Walker

Ashley A. Williams

Cardell Jackson

Chrys Carter

Marc A. Cunningham

Mesiyah Oduro-Kwarten

Aliyah Conley

Bj Williams

Mark McFadden Sr.

Yolanda T. Ross

Maribel Alvarez-Evelyn


Genres - Drama / Romance / Thriller

Country - USA

Language - English

Release Date - 30 March 2013 (USA)

Production Company - McFadden Family Films

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