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Antonio, John, Jimmy, and little Mikey. They're Childhood friends from Brooklyn, who go out for a night and end up getting involved in a fracas with a low-level gangster. After several months pass, they inadvertent discover where this gangster operates a Number;s spot and decide to rob him. Little do they know, they'd be making a score of a lifetime, that is until three years pass and the childhood friends see their lives in danger, for this low-level gangster, whose name is Carlo Morello finds them. The only way out is a "Sit Down." Antonio, unbeknownst to all his friends, had an uncle who knew an Underboss. Frank Bonadello is his name. A call was made. The meeting set up and the ruling is to be made at a social club. The outcome is as mean as the streets of Brooklyn, because these childhood friends have to hustle to stay alive or else end up dead. They don't call this world "Brutal" for nothing.


Natalie Allen

Anthony Aveni

Rosario Aveni

Krista Ayne

Joe Barretta

Iggy Berlin

Angelo Bonsignore

Rita Bosco

Al Burgo

Federico Castellucio

Alex Corrado

Kevin Corrigan

David Dastmalchian

Frank Delano

Frank Ferrante


Genres - Action / Crime

Country - USA

Language - English

Release Date - 20 August 2012

Also Known As - 1,000 Times More Brutal

Runtime - 91 minutes



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