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Ghost Boat (Alarmed)



Trapped aboard the family yacht and drifting out in open water, Samantha, a young woman with a clouded past and dark secrets, is forced to live out her own disfiguring punishments night after night. Stuck outside and running out of time, Samantha’s former love, Mark, tries to save her as the truth about her family’s murder begins to unravel revealing the malicious force that seeks to claim them.


Jennifer Stuckert

Olivia Aaron

Heidi Brigman

Griffin Daley

Baily Hopkins

Sarah Klaren

Larry Laverty

Erin Meadows

Melissa Quine

Brian Rife

Joel Roth

Dann Shively

Ross Turner

Kari Wishingrad


Genres - Horror / Thriller

Country - USA

Language - English

Release Date - 2014 (USA)

Runtime - 90 mins

Also Known As - Ghost Boy

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