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Fly, Pili



In the depth of a desert, there was a Fangzhou Air Force Base which had nearly been forgotten by the public.

Suddenly the Base's peace was broken by sound of sirens. Fangzhou Base was ordered to carry out an urgent mission. At the same time a new-type fighter plane— Pili arrived at it by forced landing. The whole Base got into a mess.

In order to rescue Dake, Pili's companion who got lost in the desert, the best fighter plane of Fangzhou Base—Leiming was ordered to perform the task. However Pili insisted on fulfilling it by himself. As a result, a competition was held between Pili and Leiming. In order to prove his innocence and compensate his faults, Pili began his journey of searching for Dake secretly. However, a huge storm was coming near; Pili lost direction and got lost in the desert. Soon he lost touch with the Base. His friend Xiaoyu was worried about him, so she began to search him by herself. As to the fact that Pili and Xiaoyu hadn't returned for a long time, Leiming volunteered to take them back and fulfill the task..When they met in the desert, they forgot their past unhappiness and worked together to get back..

However, the Base lost their signals. In order to protect the safety of other members, leader of the Base decided to give up searching for them. But other members broke their leader's order and started their rescue journey despite of danger.

Finally Pili, Xiaoyu and Leiming were found in the depth of the desert. However, Xiaoyu was at the gate of death. Therefore Pili decided to carry out the dangerous mission by himself.

At last, everyone returned to the Base safely except Pili. (YouTube)

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