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Carl's job is to protect children in a society that has suffered from a great economic disaster. Following a traumatic incident, Carl receives a series of unusual messages that challenge him to remember his past, question his beliefs about families, and lead him to play a double role that not even he himself suspects.


Justin Lewis (Captain Carl Onoway)

Scott Heatcoat (Lieutenant Andrew Turner)

Rachel Peacock (Wendy Jones)

Jonathan Allen (Harold (Tom's Son))

Samuel Allen (Henry (Tom's Son))

Kiara Bertsch (Emily)

Tavia Bertsch (Helen)

Jacci Bibeau (Woman at the Park)

Rick Borger (Vader)

Bully (Hadden Eliuk)

Amy Burks (Teacher 1)

Chloe Clark (Mary)

Chrystal Clark (Martha)

Mark Clark (Mr. Goose)


Country: Canada

Language: English

Release Date: 2015 (USA)

Production Co.: Jylina Esara Productions, MovieMakers

Runtime: 106 minutes

Genres: Thriller/Family/Sci-Fi


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