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Sister Italy


Sister Italy

Sister Italy is a heartfelt, hilarious, culinary escapade that follows the fortunes of two Italian-American sisters, Italia and Maria, who are rival cooks. They clash in an intriguing cooking competition for a place in the affections, and last will and testament, of their rich, eccentric, aged aunt. The lively contest inevitably involves the families of the sisters, and causes a full-blown, typical Italian family feud that explodes into farcical emotional outbursts and appetizing gastronomic confrontations. The death of the aunt, whose will favors one sister over the other, only intensifies the conflict. As the struggle rages on, we encounter a vivid assortment of charming and lovable characters who people the sisters' world: the confused local delivery boy, the flamboyant, philandering husband, his voluptuous girlfriend, the old aunt's wily caregiver and her hungry boyfriend, the tipsy contractor, the solicitous lawyer, the beauty queen contestant, and a host of other fascinating and colorful neighbors and relatives. The Epicurean rivalry is resolved when the two sisters emerge from a journey of soul-searching and self-actualization that happily reunites both families in loving harmony and peace. Sister Italy presents a titillating slice of contemporary Italian-American family life, which is always full of passion and conflict, vibrant humor, delightful insights and terrific, incomparable food.


Emelise Aleandri, Angela Rago


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