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It's Not A Date



It's Not A Date

IT'S NOT A DATE is a dark comedy about a young couples' relationship gone awry. Carly Sagat, a young nurse, still living with her parents, struggles to find the perfect guy. Among a selection of bad dates, she meets Milo, a young man who seems perfect until she realizes he is not what he seems. She comes to view him as the worst date of her life and, with her frustration at a tipping point, she takes a detour into insanity. She kidnaps Milo, puts him through a series of bizarre humiliations, and finally, gathering her dysfunctional family and friends into her calamity, she plots how to undo her mistakes and rid herself of this bad date. It is a story of dreams a young girl's, her parents, the young man she dates and how sometimes we exaggerate or just plain lie to make our dreams come true. But when dreams are broken, sometimes there are unintended consequences.


Mischa Pollack, Leah Huebner, Eliza Roberts, Nina Hartley, Eric Roberts


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