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Houndz From Hell



Houndz From Hell

A pimp unwittingly opens a doorway to Hell in the San Francisco of 2179, releasing a monster dog and a demon bent on possessing a human soul. Sci-fi horror film HOUNDZ FROM HELL tells the tawdry tale of Bethesda, the slumming girlfriend of pimp and illegal mutant mandog fight promoter Extract. She is possessed by a demon from hell released from the splattering of mutant blood from the mandog fighting pits. A demon dog emerges from hell and follows the demon as it uses Bethesda as its instrument to lure a soul to hell. The dog goes on a rampage and attacks a houseful of spectators at the mandog fight. The dog obeys the demon's command to attack our heroes in their climactic struggle to close the portal to hell and ultimately is transported back to hell once the doorway is sealed. Our heroes are Dugan, a mandog fighter for Extract. Bethesda has her sights set on Dugan as her next sexual conquest, and Dugan's trainer, a cruel S.O.B. with ideas of his own for taking over Extract's fight business.


Directed By: Jose Figueroa; Cast: Shane Coffey, Greg Dolph, Michael Duisenberg


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