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Greyhound Attack



Greyhound Attack

“Greyhound Attack” follows pilots of the U.S. Army Air Corp as they hunt the skies of World War II Europe for the most dangerous weapon the Germans have in the air – the Me262, the first operational jet fighter. “Greyhound Attack” is anchored by spectacular air war sequences, one featuring a massive Allied air raid that is interrupted by the Me262. This results in a sprawling, chaotic dogfight featuring the aircraft that helped win the war – B-17 bombers and the P-51 Mustang fighters. The climactic action sequence is a daring raid on an airfield deep into Germany. The human element in the film are two brothers who have been close their whole lives, one a Thunderbolt pilot and one a B-17 tail gunner. Their nemesis on the German side is the first jet ace in history, a Luftwaffe Colonel who just might have had a hand in the loss of their father in the first world war.



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