Straight Outta Oakland 2

Embark on a journey with Banneker, a down on his luck Oakland native whose luck seems to be getting worse. Banneker's aunt gets diagnosed with cancer and this backsliding Christian (Banneker) turns to the one thing that he has always known, "Prayer." Banneker starts to feel that prayer is not enough and decides to take matters into his own hands. Follow Banneker in 'New Oakland' (2030) as he shows you what man would do to save someone he loves. Banneker is here to show you that it's not about how bad you are it's all about how good God is. God may not come when you call him but he is always on time.

Straight Outta Oakland 2




Directed By: Marcus D. Spencer, Samm Styles; Cast: Marcus D. Spencer, Chantelle Tibbs, Noni Galloway

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