Jessie's Dad

"Jessie's Dad" tells the story of Mark Lunsford's transformation from an uneducated truck driver to a savvy activist after losing his 9-year-old daughter to a convicted pedophile.
A blue-collar "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington", "Jessie's Dad" follows Mark as he visits Capitol Hill and state capitals to urge lawmakers to wise up and crack down on child predators. Mark channels his anger toward making a difference for all American children, pushing for the passage of Jessie's Law, which toughens penalties against sex offenders. After John Couey kidnapped, raped and buried his daughter alive, Mark embarks on a turbulent journey to pass Jessie's Law around the country.

"When I lost Jessie, everything in my life changed," he says. "I mean everything, from the grass being green to the sky being blue."

Jessie's Dad




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